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What Our Students Have To Say:

"I really learned everything I know from Jill. She's also been very supportive and has come to all of the shows I've been in." Adam Riegler - Westport News.

What other students have to say

"This school has affected my acting in a way that will put my name in lights. Everyone that I have worked with is a very inspirational teacher, and I hope I get to work with them again."

"Thank you so much! My confidence excelled to a new level. It definitely made an impact for my future."

"I have learned soooo much! There is such an incredible difference from when I first walked in the door. I am so confident now, I'm not afraid to express myself to the fullest extent anymore."

"My classes have been amazing experiences. I have learned so much! I've also made so many friends, and learning with them has been a blast. Learning from Broadway stars has always been a dream of mine. I finally have gotten a chance to work with the experts."

"You have truly developed my acting skills. I have never been more inspired. The teachers have helped me so much."

What Our Parents Have To Say

"My daughter learned more in one session than she learned from her previous theater school in three years."

"This school has been the most powerful thing that has come into my children's lives."

"Jill's passion and her teachers' masterful generosity have created opportunities through these classes for profound self-awareness and self-confidence that comes but once in a lifetime."

"My son discovered talents he was unaware resided deep inside of him."

"My 12 year old reached heights I never imagined could happen so fast. They brought out her talents to a level that shifted dramatically in just two classes."

"My son was always animated, energized and smiling when he got out of class."

"My daughter has been so positively affected. The experiences have propelled her growth, opened her up and increased her confidence, and on top of that she has so much fun. Her grades have gone up across the board."

Give your child the Broadway Edge.

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