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Past Broadway Guest Artists and Teachers Include

  • Ryan Duncan (SHREK)
  • Terry Eldh (Phantom Of The Opera)
  • Tibor Feldman (Film and TV)
  • Lisa Fishcoff (Liz Lewis Casting, NYC)
  • Joanna Glushak (Hairspray)
  • Heather DeLude (Second City Conservatory)
  • Holly Buczek (Hdb Casting)
  • Hunt Block (Film and TV)
  • Justin Huff (Telsey +Company)
  • Jill Jaysen (Award-Winning Director, Audition Coach)
  • Chad Kimball (Memphis)
  • Matt Loehr (Mary Poppins)
  • Penny Ayn Maas (Cabaret)
  • Cady McClain (Film and TV)
  • Mike McGowan (Priscilla)
  • Greg Mills (Phantom Of The Opera)
  • Michelle Mallardi (Beauty And The Beast)
  • Walter O'Neil (Wicked)
  • Tony Pichette (Kipperman Casting NYC)
  • Anthony Rapp (Rent)
  • Ivan Rutherford (Les Miserables)
  • Michael Schloegl (Director,Choreographer,Movement Coach)
  • Danielle Strauss (Voice Coach,Opera Singer)
  • Bill Youmans (Wicked)

Give Your Child The Broadway Edge


Ask Yourself These Questions:


1. We know your child can sing a song, but can they act the song and become one with its message?

2. We know your child can repeat Broadway dance combinations, but can they tell a story while integrating their movement with the character's thoughts and feelings?

3. We know your child can memorize a monologue, but can they embody the role while thinking the character's thoughts for the very first time? The magic occurs in those moments that exist between the words; the spontaneous energy that propels thought and action.


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